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What is DAMASCAS ?
DAMASCAS is a tool to manage team. It helps team leader in allocating tasks to team members.

A person is skilled in many different things, but normally we tend to overlook the range of skill our team members possesses. DAMASCAS helps team leader by considering multiple skills members posses and their respective competency level. Damascas balances the work requirement and staff availability. It tries to allocate task to member, who are most competent in that job.

DAMASCAS was conceptualised to effeciently allocate some 900 workers to different job on daily basis in a workshop. DAMASCAS takes consideration of different skills available with the team members, requirement of the work and then allocates tasks to maximize the team effeciency.

Who is it for?
DAMASCAS is for anybody who has to allocate work to others - team leaders, shop supervisor, office staff head, project leader. In short term - it can be used as a tool for day to day work allocation; it can also be used as a tool to plan effective work allocation for the team. DAMASCAS can be used for small office team of 10-12 people to huge manufacturing setup with over 2000 workers.

DAMASCAS was first concieved to create daily work assignment for workers in a manufacturing setup with over 2500 workers.

How do I get it ?
DAMASCAS is a free software. You can download DAMASCAS from the link given. DAMASCAS is distributed in two versions:

  • Windows GUI installer - for planning tasks interactively
  • Console version - to intergrate it with other systems like attendance system, web servers etc.
  • A Linux version is also developed, but it is currently not fully tested
Older releases are available from project summary page.

What is my cost ?
DAMASCAS is a free software. You are free download, modify, use and distribute the program.
You have to invest time and energy to identify the skill requirement and competencies of your staff.
If you require further assistance and development please contact the developers.
For detailed documentation and training requirement on DAMASCAS contact the developer at sales@decigensolutions.com

Why is it free ?
DAMASCAS is a open source software. Released under Gnu Public Licence (GPL). It is as free as free air, water and mothers love. You will always have the source code with you and is free to do whatever you like with it. However, training, documentation and support for the software has a price attached to it. If you want avail these services please register your product.

What is open source software ?
OSS programs are programs whose licenses permit users the freedom to run the program for any purpose, to study and modify the program, and to freely redistribute copies of the original or modified program.

How is it better ?
As OSS you are fully empowered to examine and modify the source code. The source is publicly available and subjected to examination. Hence, bugs are easily detected and corrected. There is no surprises and should the need arises, you are free to move to other developer to upgrade your program.

I want to contribute ?
DAMASCAS is hosted at sourceforge.net. Please visit the site http://sourceforge.net/projects/damascas to learn more about DAMASCAS. Your contribution can be in term of adding/modifying some features, bug reports, patches, documentation or donation.

Yes! donations.
Donation help us to continue providing our services,fuelling the growth and ensuring efforts are directed towards the this and other OSS software development. A part of your donation is also shared by host of this site and donation ensures they continue to provide the required support.

We cannot guarantee that as a donor you would get a higher level of support than we already provide, but may well take this in to account when processing your request. We accept feature requests from everyone, and do not guarantee a particular schedule for implementation of new features, but similarly we may take in to account features requested by donors. Please contact DeciGen Solutions, the developer of DAMASCAS for more details.

Who Develops it ?
DAMASCAS is developed by DeciGen Solutions. You can find other similar product at their site. If you have any specific requirement of software feel free to contact them at sales@decigensolutions.com.

DeciGen Solutions specialises in developing custom made software that helps in decision making process. It has expertise in developing Web Based data processing solutions and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions. Presently it is developing a Value Added ERP solutions.

What is the future ?
DAMASCAS is open source software. With the source with you, you are never stuck for solution. World may change, the original developer may vanish or drop the product. But you have the source with you that can be examined and modified to get the support you require. With OSS it is YOU -- who make the final choice.

© DeciGen Solutions [2004]
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